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Pediatric Chiropractic at Fletcher Chiropractic

We encourage our patients to bring in their children for regular chiropractic check-ups. Just as you’d take your kids in to the pediatrician to monitor developmental progress, children also need to have their nervous system health checked on a regular basis.

It’s always easiest to bring in kids before they begin to develop distressing symptoms. Symptoms are like the smoke alarm going off in a house that’s on fire. Chiropractic check-ups are designed to make sure that alarm never gets triggered in the first place.

Safe and Gentle Care

We treat children of all ages: from newborns to teenagers. The smaller the patient, the lighter the touch. Our care is specific and gentle; our doctors have had hundreds of hours of training.

We encourage our patients to check this resource as to the safety of pediatric chiropractic: Numerous research studies demonstrate not only the safety of the chiropractic approach, but its effectiveness in helping kids experience optimal health.

Chiropractic: The First Line of Defense

Here are some of the common conditions seen in children that respond well to our gentle care:

  • ADD and ADHD
  • Autism
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Ear infections
  • Feeding and nursing difficulties
  • Sleep issues
  • Seizures
  • Torticollis

It’s important to remember that chiropractors are not “bone doctors.” We specialize in the optimization of the nervous system. When adults suffer from nerve flow interference, it usually manifests as pain. Children don’t have the same pattern of symptoms as adults when their nervous system is compromised. Instead, they may suffer from allergies, constant colds, difficulty with sleeping and digestive issues.

Success Through Chiropractic

Over the years, we’ve had many tales to share about how our gentle approach has changed the lives of many kids in our chiropractic care center. We took care of one little boy who suffered from chronic fungal ear infections secondary to the overuse of antibiotics. He had to be placed in speech therapy because he was unable to hear himself speak. After a course of chiropractic care, he no longer had to take part in the therapy; he never had an ear infection again.

We also had the privilege of working with a 7-year old girl who was non-verbal and autistic. After her first visit, her mom brought her back the next day. She was in tears. Her daughter had slept for 16 hours following her adjustment. When she woke up, she looked at her mother and said, “Mom.” Her first word at age seven!

It’s everyday stories like these that keep us passionate about our work with children.

Make an Appointment Today

Parents trust us with their little ones. They know that they’re in the hands of experienced professionals dedicated to the well-being of children. We welcome the opportunity to be your pediatric chiropractor. Contact Fletcher Chiropractic in Oshkosh today for a convenient consultation!


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